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About Me

Hello! Welcome to Mimi's Kitchen. Here you will find comforting food and good conversation. Everyone has fond memories when visiting their grandparent's homes. Please pull up a chair, bring your appetite, and let's begin!!!

My name is Toni Staley. I am the mom of two daughters, one son, and a wonderful granddaughter. I am the CEO of Mimi's Kitchen. As a southerner, food is the foundation of our lives.  Everyone is family, and no one is a stranger.   

Mimi's Kitchen will provide simple recipes, words of encouragement, and catering ideas. Life is too short for sadness, depressed, or lonely feelings or thoughts. I know firsthand how life can be with these items, but together we can conquer anything. That is why God made grandparents. We are the ones that listen without providing judgment or criticism. If you need a listening ear, I am here. Are you in need of a recipe for your next dinner party I can help?  WELCOME!  Let's get started!   

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